Bringing Falcon home

Before I brought Falcon home; I set up a crate in my bedroom for him. I also ordered puppy litter as I knew Falcon and his sibling were using a litter box in their pen and I wanted him to have something similar for home.

It was a 14 hour drive and Falcon was amazing. His breeder provided me with several raw bones and some frozen treats. Falcon happily chewed on them throughout the drive. We stopped often for potty breaks.

xpenI set up an X-pen as well. An X-pen is something like a doggy playpen. It provides more room than a crate. I knew that the puppy would be alone while I was at work; so I wanted a safe place for him. I spent about $200 on the setup. I put a tarp down first and on top of that I bought two rubber horse stall mats so the puppy would have more padding than just the hard floor. I bought a rabbit pen tray to use as the litter box and I got a dog bed as well.

The X-pen also has a changing rotation of interesting items such as a wobble board, new toys or hidden treats to keep the puppy from becoming bored.

I took an extra day off so that I could be home with the puppy the first day he was with me.

I also made sure I didn’t take the puppy places for the first few days he was home. I wanted him to get used to his new surroundings.

I also did an introduction with Falcon and my other dogs and then separated them. I did slow introductions over the next few days to ensure the dogs and the puppy were going to get along without issue.


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